Intro: What is your worst experience you have ever had at a restaurant?


  1. Prov 18:19 The bible says that people who are offended are extremely hard to reach, that is because offense will harden your heart, and will pull you away from God.
    1. Gen 37:23-27 There are some times when people do legitimately do us wrong, and our initial reaction is to be offended, angry, and even revengeful, but this isn’t right.
      1. Eph 4:25-29 However there are also times where there is offense that comes about because there was misunderstanding, and lack of communication.
      2. Mt 15:12-14,Prov 27:6 There are times when we get offended because we were rebuked, or challenged in our lives, and rather that being humble, we become proud, and offended.
    2. Prov 17:9 I believe that God wants us to deal with offense the right way, and we will need to stay close to God so that offense doesn’t pull us away from God.
  2. Ps 1:3, Rom 12:19-21 Offense is one of the greatest causes of backsliding in the church, the devil wants us to get offended, so he can pull us away from where God has planted us.
    1. Mt 5:21-25 One of the ways that we can avoid offense in the church and between friends is by having good Communication between one another, agreeing to talk and not take offense.
      1. Heb 12:5-6 We also must remember that the word of God will challenge us at times, and God will rebuke us, but this is so that we can grow.
      2. Gen 27:41, Eph 4:32 If we don’t let go of our offenses, and trust God, then they will destroy us, bitterness and unforgiveness will eat us away inside, and will ruin us.
    2. Gen 50:19-21, Rom 12:2 We must let go of offenses, trusting God to turn the situations around for his good, and use them for his glory.


  1. Why do you feel that it is difficult to open up and talk once we are offended? Why is it so important to die to our flesh, humble ourselves, and talk?
  2. Can you give an example of a time when you were rebuked, or heard a sermon that challenged your lifestyle? How did you respond? Did you humble yourself, or get offended?
  3. What are some of the dangers of holding onto offense, and not dealing with it the right way? how do you feel God wants us to properly deal with offense?
  4. Is there anyone here now who is currently dealing with any type of offense? If so what have you been offended about?

End: Pray for any who would admit that they are struggling with some type of offense in their life, and then take requests.