About Pastor Joe

Pastor Joe Dewhurst is the president and founder of Crossfire International and has traveled to 73 countries in 6 continents. Pastor Joe and his family have also lived abroad for many years, directing the global ministry of Crossfire International. Pastor Joe regularly preaches all over the world in both English and Spanish at Crossfire International crusades, camps, conferences, leadership trainings, implementations, and in churches. Through Crossfire International, Pastor Joe has seen tens of thousands of people come to know Jesus as their Savior, trained thousands of pastors and leaders, and has implemented the ministry of Crossfire in thousands of churches, across thirty nations, within many Christian denominations and networks.

Pastor Joe has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Theology, and a Doctorates (PhD) in Ministry. Pastor Joe is also the author of “Effectively Building the Church Globally”. In the book “Effectively Building the Church Globally” Pastor Joe shares powerful testimonies from his and his family’s experiences over the last twenty-five years traveling the world and living abroad directing the global ministry of Crossfire International.

Pastor Joe and his amazing wife Gina have been blessed with four awesome children Ashley, Sara, Elizabeth, and Jacob.