Crossfire International Board of Directors

Pastor Joe: President and founder of Crossfire International.

Pastor Gerald: Senior Pastor of Judah Christian Community Church.

Pastor Dan: Senior Pastor of New Horizons Church and President of A.B.M.

Jeff: Crossfire International treasurer and works in a leadership position at D.S.C.C.


Gina: Leads Crossfire International with Pastor Joe.

Kim: Crossfire International secretary in the United States.


Cordale: Crossfire International assistant treasurer.

Don: In charge of the “Effectively Building the Church Globally” book distribution.

Crossfire International National Directors, zone leaders, cell leaders, and assistants:

Crossfire International now has several offices in various countries around the world and is led by hundreds of leaders including full time, part time, and volunteer national directors, zone leaders, cell leaders, and assitants.

Crossfire International is led in each country we work in around the world by a national director who oversees the Crossfire leadership team within their country. Pastor Joe works close with the Crossfire International National Directors around the world. The full list of the Crossfire International National Directors can be found on our home page individually listed by country on the world map of our ministry locations.