“Born to Conquer”  Lesson # 4

  “  Conquering wrong influences “

Intro:  Who is the greatest positive influence in your life ?


  1. Romans 8:37, John 3:3-5 When we accept Christ we are born again, we are born into a life of salvation and victory found only in Jesus which allows us to conquer everything in our way.
    1. Romans 12:2  One of the things that the devil will use to try and stop this generation from accepting Jesus and fulfilling the purpose God has for them is wrong influences.
      1. 1 Cor 15:33  The bible shows us that when we allow wrong influences into our lives that we are pulled away from God and corrupted to do wrong.
      2. Prov 16:18 No matter how strong we think we are, we are all influenced and are affected by our surroundings, pride will deceive us into thinking that we won’t fall.
    2. Exodus 32:1-4 Negative influences can blind our minds and push us into doing things we normally would never do when we are in the church and surrounded by strong Christians.
  2. James 4:4, Deut 30:16-19 We are all surrounded my both positive and negative influences and in order for us to stay strong in God we must learn how to conquer all of the negative influences and surround ourselves with positive influences.
    1. Romans 1:16 When we are around non Christians in our schools, work, family, or neighborhoods we need to stand for whats right rather than go along with sinful behavior.
      1. 2 Cor 6:14  We also need to be willing to end every wrong friendship and get out of every wrong dating relationship that is pulling us away from God.
      2. 2 Cor 6:17  We need to guard ourselves against any music, movies, video games, or social media that may be waisting our time or corrupting our minds.
    2. Heb 10:25, 1 Thess 5:11 We need to surround ourselves with other strong Christians and spend our time serving God so that we can fulfill Gods purpose for our lives and conquer every wrong influence that tries to get in our way! #Borntoconquer!



  1. What are some of the most common negative influences that try and pull us away from God and keep us from fulfilling Gods purpose ?
  2. What are some of the many dangers and negative results of allowing wrong influences to remain in our lives ?
  3. What are some things that we can personally do to conquer all of the negative influences that come at us ?
  4. Are there any wrong relationships that you are in right now that you know are pulling you down ? Are you ready to cut them off ? If not what is holding you back ?


End: Pray for those who want to conquer every wrong influence in their lives, pray for any who need to accept Christ, then              take requests.