“Conquering Goliath ”  Lesson # 7

  “  Don’t listen to Goliath! “

Intro:   Who is the most positive influence in your life ?



  1. Romans 8:37, John 8:36 When we accept Christ we are born again, we are born into a life of salvation and victory found only in Jesus which allows us to conquer everything in our way.
    1. 1 Sam 17:8-10,23-24 God has an awesome plan and purpose for each one of us, but we must understand that the devil will send a Goliath in order to stop us from accepting Jesus and from fulfilling Gods will for our lives.
      1. 1 Samuel 17:11 One of the ways that Goliath will intimidate us and try to stop us is through his words, Goliath had Israel paralyzed in fear simply by threatening them.
      2. John 8:44 The devil will try and stop us by lying to us, then repeating the same lie over and over until we are paralyzed in fear and stop moving forward.
    2. Gal 5:7-8 Maybe the devil is telling you that God won’t come through for you, that God won’t provide for you, maybe the devil is telling you that your not good enough, that you will fall back into sin, that you wont have the right words and that people wont listen to you.
  2. Deut 31:6, James 4:7 It really doesn’t matter what the lie is that the devil will speak to us through Goliath, we need to learn how to face our fears, confront Goliath, and ignore his voice!
    1. John 10:27 We need to learn how to ignore the voice of the Goliath who wants to stop us and listen to and obey the voice of God!
      1. Romans 12:2 One of the ways we can learn how to listen to and obey the voice of God is by spending time in personal prayer and in the word of God.
      2. Zech 4:6 When we spend time with God we will receive the strength to resist every lie that the devil will speak through Goliath and we will be able to hear and obey Gods voice.
    2. James 2:26, Mathew 11:12 In order to conquer Goliath and fulfill Gods will for our lives we must ignore what Goliath has to say, hear and obey the voice of God, boldly face our fears, and then step out in faith, confront, and conquer Goliath!  #Borntoconquer!


  1. What is something that the Goliath the devil has put in your way personally has said to you  to try and stop you?
  2. Are you still listening to Goliath or have you learned how to ignore his voice and hear the voice of God?
  3. Why do you think so many Christians listen to the lies the devil speaks through Goliath rather then ignore them, confront and conquer Goliath, and fulfill Gods will for their lives?
  4. What are some steps we can take to ignore the voice of Goliath and obey and follow the voice of God and what he is directing us to do in this life? Are you ready to take those steps?

End: Pray for those who want to conquer and defeat the Goliath that is trying to stop them, pray for any who need to accept Christ or rededicate their lives to Jesus, then take requests.