“Victorious!” Lesson #7

  “ Shut the door on the devil “  

Intro:  What is the first thing you want to do after the coronavirus goes away and the quarantines are lifted?


  1. 1 Cor 15:57, Psalms 108:13  God desires for everyone of us to be victorious in all areas of our lives and in the purpose that he has for us here in this world.
    1. Gal 5:7-8  There are many youth and young adults who start off on fire for God but who end up backsliding and falling away from God because they leave the door open to the devil in their personal lives.
      1. 1 Peter 5:8-9 The Bible warns us against giving the devil a foothold, the devil is like a lion, when we let the devil in he will destroy our lives.
      2. 1 Tim 6:11 Many Christian youth and young adults struggle with remaining strong in God because they have wrong relationships and negative influences in their lives.
    2. Rom 8:37-39  If we truly want to remain on fire for God, fulfill his will for our lives, and live  victorious then we must shut the door on the devil once and for all!
  2. Ps 119:9, Eph 4:27 The way that we shut the door on the devil is by cutting off every wrong relationship, bad influence, and environment of temptation!!
    1. 1 Cor 15:33  Some of you must shut the door on the devil by ending a wrong dating  relationship or unequal friendship with those who pull you away from God.
      1. James 2:15 Others need to shut the door on the devil in their lives by getting rid of all negative influences, thing such as pornography, secular music, violent video games, wrong movies or anything else that contaminates your mind.
      2. Prov 27:6  In order for us to keep the door shut on the devil we must maintain personal times of prayer, reading the bible, getting things out of our lives that cause us to sin, and by developing accountability with our pastors and leaders.
    2. 1 Timothy 4:2, 1 John 4:4 Before we can become victorious in doing great things for  God we need to start by becoming victorious in our personal lives! Lets surrender to God, shut the door on the devil, be active in our faith, and live victorious!!! #Victorious!


  1. Can you share an example of an area that you had left open to the devil and the problems that came about as a result?
  2. Share an example of a time when you shut the door on the devil, cut off wrong relationships and/or wrong influences and saw a great victory in your life?
  3. Why is it so important that we shut the door on the devil in all areas in our personal lives?  What are some of the steps we can take to shut the door on the devil ?
  4. Is there an area in your life right now where you feel the door is open to the devil? Are you ready tonight to take the steps to shut the door on the devil ?


End: Pray for those who want to shut the door on the devil in their personal lives and pray for those who need to accept Jesus, then take requests.