Discovering our Identity Lesson #2

Discovering our Peace in God


Intro: Where is the most peaceful place you have ever been in your life ?



  1. 2 Cor 5:17, John 3:3 When we accept Jesus as our savior, we begin a completely new life in Christ, we start the journey of discovering our true identity.
    1. 2 Thess 3:16 One of the most important aspects of discovering our true identity in God is discovering that true peace can only come from our relationship with Christ.
      1. Isaiah 48:22 The Bible tells us that those who live apart from God in sin will have no peace in any area of their lives.
      2. Matt 7:24-27 Many search for peace, contentment, and happiness in the things of the world, but are greatly disappointed.
    2. Ps 29:11, Ps 85:8 True peace is only found when we we repent, and completely surrender everything to God.
  2. Matt 11:28-30, John 16:33 At times we as Christians will face troubles, but God promises to be with us and give us his perfect peace.
    1. Romans 8:28+31 If we choose to trust God when we face trials and difficulties then we will see God work everything together for our good.
      1. Phil 4:6-8 When we face difficulties and trials, we need to pray, fast, and trust God rather than get frustrated and quit.
      2. Acts 16:25-26 When we as Christians hold on to God through trials, God will use us in great ways and we will see his power displayed in our lives.
    2. Romans 15:13 We live in a world of people who are lost and blind, they are searching for identity and have no peace in their lives. God is calling us to reach out to them so they to can find the peace that we have in Christ!



  1. Who has an example of a time when you searched for peace and happiness in the things of the world but were greatly disappointed?
  2. Who can share a testimony of how the peace of God that entered your life when you repented and completely surrendered your life to God?
  3. Who has a testimony of a time as a Christian when you felt the peace of God as you went through a difficult time? How did God work the situation together for good?
  4. Is there anyone right now who is facing some real challenges, or trials and you need the peace of God in your life? If so what challenges are you facing?


End: Pray for any who want to commit their lives to Christ, and pray for any who are facing trials and need the peace of God in their lives right now, then take requests.