“Empowered” Lesson #2

  “ Empowered to overcome sin and temptation“

Intro:  What is an extreme sport or activity you have never done that you would love to do?                                                   


  1. Isaiah 48:16, Acts 1:8 God has called us to live a life empowered by the Holy Spirit so that we can reach the lost, be victorious, and able to accomplish His purposes here in this world. 
    1. Mathew 19:26 The Holy Spirit will empower us to accomplish that which seems impossible for us to do in our own strength.
      1. Judges 13:5 Samson was a leader chosen by God, and anointed of God to do awesome, supernatural, miraculous feats in this world. 
      2. Judges 13:6, Judges 16:3 Nothing that came at Samson was able to initially stop him because the power of the Holy Spirit was on his life!
    2. Judges 14:14-15 Lions couldn’t stop him, chains couldn’t stop him, 1000 Philistines couldn’t stop him! Samson was unstoppable until he let sin into his life! 
  2. Judges 16:1 When Samson opened the door to sin in his life, he let the devil come into his life and destroy his life with sin! It was sin that stopped Samson! 
    1. Samson made two major mistakes that eventually destroyed his life and impeded him from fulfilling Gods call on his life. We need to learn from Samson’s two mistakes. 
      1. Wrong relationships: 1 Cor 15:33 Samson entered into wrong dating relationships with Godless wemen who pulled him away from God.
      2. Sin in his life: Eph 4:27 Samson opened the door to the devil by allowing sin into his life, his sin grew, took control, and destroyed his life. 
    2. Eph 4:30, Acts 3:19 We need to learn from Samson’s mistakes, so that we don’t make those same mistakes ourselves, have needless problems, and struggles and miss our destiny! We need to cut off all wrong relationships, and repent of our sin in order to live a life empowered by the Holy Spirit! #Empowered!                                                           


  1. Why do you think so many people feel stuck in a cycle of backsliding and struggle with sin and temptations in their lives? 
  2. What do you feel are the steps that the Bible gives us so that we can overcome every sin and temptation in our lives? 
  3. Who can share a testimony of a victory that God gave you over a sin or temptation that once had control in your life? 
  4. Is there anyone here tonight who like Samson, is struggling with sin and temptation that is pulling you away from God and His purpose? Are you ready to surrender to God tonight? 

End: Pray for those who want to be empowered to overcome sin and temptation, Pray for those who want to rededicate their lives to Christ, then take requests.