Evangelism 2015 Lesson #6

Reaching the world


Intro: Where is the farthest place you have ever been from home ?


  1. Mark 16:15-18 God has called us as Christians to evangelize, when we know Christ we have the responsibility to reach out and share Christ with others.
    1. Psalms 2:8, John 3:16 It is important that we understand God loves all people in every nation, in every part of the world.
      1. Phil 2:4 We can tend to focus only on our own immediate surroundings, and spend all of our energy trying to meet the needs of our own country.
      2. 2 Tim 4:2 God wants us to be ready at any moment to reach out to whoever he wants us to, whether it is to our own people, or to those who are in other nations.
    2. Gen 12:1 We need to be willing to go wherever God leads us to go, even if that means leaving our own country to reach lost people on the other side of the world.
  2. Matt 9:36-38, Acts 1:8 All around us there is a harvest of souls, and God wants each of us to be ready and willing to evangelize locally, nationally, and internationally.
    1. Eph 6:8, Luke 6:38 God wants each of us to pray for countries around the world, and be willing to give to ministries reaching this generation in other nations.
      1. Isaiah 6:8 God may also lead you to serve as a part of a short term mission trip, or he may direct you one day to serve as a missionary in other countries.
      2. 2 Cor 5:20 Our response should be that we are willing to do whatever God wants us to do, whatever it is, and go wherever God wants us to go, wherever he may lead.
    2. Prov 3:5-6, Zech 4:10 We should serve God faithfully where he has planted us, even if it seems small, so that when big opportunities come, we are ready and qualified to go!


  1. Why can it be so easy for us to focus only on our needs, or the needs of our own people and neglect the need for Christ on the other side of the world?
  2. Even though our own countries have many needs, why is it still important that we are willing to go and evangelize those who need Christ in other nations?
  3. Why is it important that we are willing to do whatever God wants us to do, and go wherever God wants us to go?
  4. Is there anyone here who feels God is calling you to go on a mission trip to another country, or serve as a missionary one day? if so, where?


End: Pray for those who feel led to be a part of a mission team, or serve one day as a missionary in another country, then take requests.