Evangelism 2015 Lesson #7

Evangelism through our gifts



Intro: What gift would you like to receive for your next birthday?



  1. Mark 16:15-18, Luke 19:10 God has called us as Christians to evangelize. When we know Christ we have the responsibility to reach out and share Christ with others.
    1. Psalms 139:14 God has uniquely created each of us, and has given each of us specific talents and abilities.
      1. Rom 10:13-15 Although each of us are different, and every one of us have different gifts, God wants to use all of our gifts for the same purpose.
      2. Luke 12:48, 2 Cor 5:20 God gives us our gifts and abilities with the responsibility to use these talents for evangelism.
    2. Matt 25:14-18 Each of us have a choice to make, we can waste our talents in the world, bury our talents and do nothing, or use our talents to evangelize the lost.
  2. Matt 25:19-23 God wants us to use our gifts as channels of evangelism, he is calling us to communicate the message of salvation through our giftings to the lost.
    1. 1 Peter 4:10 If we can preach, teach, sing, dance, rap, or whatever our gift may be, we need to use our gifts to show Christ to the lost world around us.
      1. Isaiah 6:8 Even if we feel that we do not have any gifts or talents, we still need to be willing and obedient to do whatever God directs us to do.
      2. Matt 25:24-30, Rom 11:29 We need to fight through excuses, distractions, and temptations of the world that will try to silence us, and pull us away from God.
    2. Deut 30:19 God has given each of us the free will to choose life or death, as well as the free will to choose what we will do with the gifts he has given us, lets choose to use our gifts to win as many people to Christ as we can, and change the world!



  1. What do you feel are your greatest giftings or talents personally? In what ways are you serving in the ministry to grow and develop your talents?
  2. Why do you think so many people waste their talents living in sin, or bury their talents and do nothing? What are some of the greatest excuses people give?
  3. How are you using your talents and abilities to evangelize the lost, In what ways do you feel you can grow and do more to win people to Christ?
  4. Does anyone have an example of a time when God was leading you to step out and do something big for him with your gifts? Did you obey him? what was the result?


End: Pray for any who want to overcome excuses and apathy, and use their gifts to win others to Christ, then take requests.