Evangelism as a lifestyle

Intro: What is something you like to do every day?


  1. Acts 28:31, Mk 16:15-17 When Jesus gave us the great commission, he was instructing us to give our entire lives to evangelism.
    1. Col 1:10 Evangelism should be more than an event planned on a calendar, evangelism should be how we live our lives daily.
      1. 2 Tim 4:2 God wants us to be ready to share Christ with others everyday, many times opportunities come when we didn’t expect them to.
      2. Prov 4:27, Heb 12:2 Many people miss opportunities each day because they are distracted by worries, problems, schedules, and even selfishness.
    2. Acts 2:46-47 There are times when we should plan evangelistic outreaches, and go out to evangelize, but God also wants to bring people to us every day.
  2. Luke 8:39 Lifestyle evangelism is reaching out to those you cross paths with in your school, work, family, neighborhood, or wherever you go.
    1. Col 4:4-6 Living evangelistically is taking the time to talk to people every day, using the five steps, inviting them to church and Crossfire Cell groups.
      1. 1 Cor 3:6-8 God may use you to lead some of these people to Christ right then, and with others he will use you to plant seeds, we simply need to obey God.
      2. Mt 5:14-16 Some of the ways we should let others know were Christians is by how we live, helping others, talking with them and by directly sharing Christ.
    2. 1 Peter 3:15 When those who we see every day know were Christians, there will be many more opportunities for us to Evangelize each day, if we obey God.


  1. Have you ever known you should have shared Christ with someone, but you were either afraid, or were distracted by some issue in your life? Give examples.
  2. Some one share a time when an opportunity for you to evangelize came when you did not expect it to? What happened?
  3. Why do people respond much better to Christians who live different than the world, than Christians who compromise, and look like the world?
  4. What are some things we can do that will help us to be focused on evangelism in our daily lives, and not miss the opportunities God gives us?

End: Pray for those who need to develop a lifestyle of evangelism, take requests, and invite people to your church this Sunday.