Local Evangelism through Church and Cell Groups

Intro: What is your favorite part of your Sunday morning Church service?


  1. Acts 28:31, Mk 16:15-17 When Jesus gave us the great commission, he intended for this to be the main purpose of the Church, not a secondary part that is forgotten.
    1. Mt 5:14-16 One of the best ways we can reach out and evangelize locally is through our local Church, and through our Crossfire Cell groups.
      1. Acts 2:40-47 Gods purpose for the Local Church is much more than just to be a place where Christians meet, hang out, and go home.
      2. Acts 2:1-6 The Church is to be a place where Christians meet together, but then under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, go out and win the lost to Christ.
    2. Philemon 1:2 Cell groups are a part of the Church, many times people will at first feel more comfortable coming to a home Cell group than to a Church building.
  2. 1 Cor 3:6, Heb 10:36 There are times people who we evangelize will accept Christ immediately, but there are many times when people wont accept Christ till much later.
    1. 2 Tim 3:14 One of the greatest ways we can evangelize on an ongoing basis with certain people is by repeating Step 5 of our five evangelism steps “Follow up”.
      1. Luke 11:5-10 We need to persist and continue to invite the people we share Christ with to our church, Crossfire Cell groups, and other Christian events.
      2. 1 Cor 13:13 Many times our continual, persistent love is what wins people to Christ, it may take 10 invitations before they come and accept Christ.
    2. Heb 6:1 Everyone of us are called to share Christ with others, I challenge everyone of you to weekly invite someone to Church, and to Crossfire Cell groups.


  1. Have you ever shared Christ with someone who seemed very nervous and scared about coming to Church? How did you respond?
  2. Share an example of someone who didn’t accept Christ when first evangelized, but after persistence, love, and many invitations, finally responded.
  3. Why is persistence so important when we are sharing Christ with others? What are some of the ways you are persistently.
  4. Leaders, Go around the room and ask each person to list the names of people they will be inviting to Church and to your Cell group, Keep this list, and follow up.

End: Pray for the List people the people in your group are reaching out to, take requests, and invite people to your church this Sunday.