Reaching unsaved family and friends

Intro: Who is someone in your family who you really respect, and look up to?


  1. Rom 10:14, Acts 1:8 Jesus directed us to reach out to everyone, this includes family members, and close friends we grew up with.
    1. Mt 13:53-58 Many times the most difficult people to share Christ with is unsaved family members, or close friends we have known our whole lives.
      1. John 7:3-5 Jesus family at first didn’t even want to hear what he had to say, even though others accepted his message, at first his family rejected him.
      2. Acts 1:14 But after he persevered, Jesus family eventually accepted him as Christ, many times it takes a much longer period of time to win family members.
    2. Acts 2:38-39 Many people go out and win the world for Christ, but forget about their unsaved family members they see every day.
  2. Mk 16:15, 1 Tim 5:4 We should be active in winning the lost through evangelism, cell groups, church, and reaching other nations, but not forget about our family.
    1. James 5:19-20 We must have a balanced approach to evangelism, not neglecting anyone, here are ways we can win our family members to Christ:
      1. Mt 5:16 Allow family members to see changes in your life since accepting Christ, it is impossible for them not to notice these major changes in your life.
      2. 1 Peter 3:15 Watch for the opportunities, when your family members ask questions, or are going through difficulties, speak up about Christ then.
    2. 1 Thess 5:17, Jude 1:23 We should pray for family members, and friends, inviting any who are young to Crossfire Cell groups and Church, and our family to Church.


  1. Why do you think it can be very difficult to share Christ with unsaved family members or close friends? Why do you think family at times won’t listen?
  2. Can you share a story of family members or close friends who noticed the changes in your life when you accepted Christ? What impact did that have on them?
  3. Who here has a testimony of a family member, or friend you grew up with that you led to Christ? How did it happen?
  4. Who are some unsaved family members, or friends you grew up with who don’t know Christ?

End: Pray for family members, or friends you grew up with who don’t know Christ, then take requests, and invite people to your church this Sunday.