Reaching the World

Intro: What is the farthest place you have ever been from home?


  1. Acts 1:8, Matt 28:18-20 Everyone of us are called to win people to Christ locally (Jerusalem), nationally (Judea) and internationally (the ends of the Earth).
    1. Psalms 2:8 God may call some of us to go to other nations, either as a part of a Crossfire Intl team, or another missions team to win people to Christ.
      1. Matthew 5:1 There is a great harvest of souls around the world, and God wants to use us to bring these souls into his kingdom, and disciple new leaders.
      2. Isaiah 6:8 Some of you God has put on your heart a passion and desire to reach other people and cultures by going on missions trips.
    2. Zech 4:10 God may be preparing some of you now through your cell groups, churches, and leadership training to one day go on a missions trip.
  2. 1 Cor 12:21 Reaching the world however, doesn’t mean that everyone of us is called to go on missions trips, that’s only a small part of how we can impact the world
    1. Rom 10:14 Everyone of us are called to reach the world, we can reach the world by reaching out to the internationals who live around us, and attend our schools.
      1. Luke 6:38 We can reach the world also by giving to Crossfire International, tithing in church, as well as praying daily for Crossfire’s around the world.
      2. Acts 5:42, Mk 16:15 We all must remember that missions trips are not more important than local evangelism, and praying and giving are just as important.
    2. Romans 12:6-8 God is looking for each of us to step out in obedience in the exact way he is leading us to reach the world right now.


  1. Have any of you ever been on a foreign missions trip? What were some of the things God did in you, and through you on this trip?
  2. Why is prayer, giving, and reaching out to the internationals that live around us as equally important in reaching the world as going on a missions trip?
  3. Are you personally as active as you need to be in reaching the world? In what new ways is God calling you to reach the world?
  4. ** Each Cell leader go around the room and have each person share who they are inviting to cell group, then take a special offering for Crossfire International

End: Give an opportunity tonight for people to pray the sinners prayer, pray for your church, and Crossfire’s around the world, then take requests.