Gift of Faith

Intro: What is the most exotic animal you have ever eaten?


  1. 1 Cor 12:7-11 In order for to accomplish Gods will for us on earth, fulfilling the great commission, the Holy Spirit was sent to equip us with what we need.
    1. Rom 1:17 One of the most important of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gift of Faith, as Christians, we must live by faith, trusting God is essential.
      1. Heb 1:1 Faith is trusting God even when we don’t see how situations will work out, where the provision is coming from, or when God will move.
      2. Prov 3:5-6 Many Christians say they have faith, but when tested, they try to control things, and do everything in their own power and strength.
    2. Mt 6:25-30, Luke 10:39-40 Other Christians worry about everything rather than trusting God having faith that he will lead them, and care for their needs.
  2. Daniel 3:17-18, 2 Cor 5:7 If we are going to do anything great for God then we must learn to trust him having Faith no matter what happens around us.
    1. Mt 14:25-30 We can operate in the Holy Spirits gift of faith when we surrender to God, take steps, and release control trusting him to lead us.
      1. Rom 8:28 We need the gift of faith when we face trials and tests in life knowing that God will work these things out for our good and his purposes.
      2. James 2:26 We also will need the gift of faith when God tells us to step out in obedience to him in ministry, to preach, lead a cell group and evangelize.
    2. 2 Cor 3:18 The gift of Faith is progressive, and will grow as we wait on him not compromising, obeying God, trusting God, and taking steps of faith.


  1. Why is it so hard for Christians to trust God when they cant see what he is doing, where the provisions coming from, or why they have to?
  2. Have you ever personally struggled with trusting God? if so in what areas is it difficult to have faith?
  3. Who has a testimony of a time when God came through for you when you trusted him and took a step of faith, or when you faced trials?
  4. What are some steps of faith that the Holy Spirit is leading you to take for him right now?

End: Pray for all those who are facing situations where they need the Holy Spirits gift of Faith, then take requests.