Identity of God Lesson #3

 God the Son


Intro: When you are married how many children would you like to have?



  1. Matt 28:19, 2 Cor 13:14 God is clearly identified in the Bible as three distinct persons in one, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, known as the Trinity.
    1. 1 John 4:9 , John 3:16 Today we want to look at the identity of God the son, Jesus Christ sent into this world to die on the cross for the sins of all mankind.
      1. Gen 3:1-6,James 1:15 At the beginning of time satan influenced Adam and Eve to rebel against God, the consequence of this sin was death, an eternity in hell separate from God.
      2. Psalms 51:5 This sin against God required a perfect sacrifice, so God sent his own sinless son to die in the place of sinful mankind.
    2. 1 John 1:9, Romans 10:9-10 We each now have a choice, to either accept Gods gift of salvation through Christ, or reject Gods gift of salvation.
  2. John 15:13-14, Romans 8:37-39 We can see through what Christ did on the cross that the identity of God is that he is a God of immense love.
    1. Ps 86:15, Ps 103:12 We also see that a part of Gods identity through Christ, is that he has incredible grace and mercy for us, no matter how bad we messed up.
      1. Heb 2:18, Heb 4:15 Because Jesus himself faced every temptation on earth, he is able to help us be victorious over sin when we are tempted.
      2. 1 Cor 11:1, 1 Pet 2:21-22 Jesus while on earth set for us the perfect example of how we should live our lives.
    2. Romans 10:14, Acts 4:32 Once we personally accept Christ as our savior, we receive the responsibility of showing the true identity of the son of God to the world!




  1. In what ways can we see the love of God demonstrated to man on earth? How have you personally experienced Gods love?
  2. Who can share a testimony of when you messed up in a major way but God had grace and mercy on you when you repented?
  3. What are some of the many characteristics of Christ that we as Christians need to display to the world?
  4. What should our attitude be towards sinners? How can we more effectively show them the love of Christ?



End: Pray for any who need to accept Jesus Christ the son of God as their personal lord and savior, then take requests.