Intro: Do you prefer praying early in the morning, or late at night?


  1. Luke 22:46 Many youth and young adults come back from great moves of God such as camps, crusades, church, and cell groups on fire for God, but don’t keep the fire.
    1. Lev 6:12-13 In this new series “Keep the fire burning” we will examine several key things that every Christian must do in order to “Keep the fire burning”.
      1. 1 Pet 5:8 The devil will fight against each one of us after we have been saved, rededicated our lives to Christ, or answered Gods call to become a leader.
      2. James 5:16, Mt. 17:21 k.j.v. One of the main ways we keep the fire of God is through prayer, prayer will give us strength, and help us fight against satan.
    2. Eph 6:18-19 All Christians must develop a strong prayer life! We must learn how to pray daily, when we don’t pray, we become weak, and eventually fall away.
  2. James 5:14, Mt 4:10-11 We must develop a strong prayer life, as well as we must come together with others, facing our fears and praying out in front of other people.
    1. 1 Thess 5:17 It doesn’t matter so much when you pray, or your personal style of prayer, its that you actually do pray, and that you pray every day.
      1. Luke 11:1-4 If you don’t yet have a personal prayer life, you can start small maybe 10 or 15 minutes each day, then allow God to grow your prayer life.
      2. Mt 26:40-41 In order to have a prayer life, We will have to battle our Flesh! We must not fall asleep, turn off our cell phone, ignore face book for a few minutes.
    2. Mt 16:24 Jesus told us clearly that if we are to follow him, we must be like him, To “keep the fire Burning”, we must develop a consistent prayer life!!!


  1. Do you have a regular time of prayer? If so how often do you pray? When do you pray?
  2. Why is it a MUST for us to to “keep the Fire of God burning” that we develop a consistent personal time of prayer?
  3. What are some of the distractions that come against your personal prayer time? How can you avoid the attacks and distractions that come against your prayer time?
  4. Who would like to share a testimony of the impact prayer has made in your life, both your personal time of prayer? As well as Prayer meetings you have been a part of?

End: Pray for anyone who does not have a consistent personal prayer time, then pray for all requests.