Intro: What is your favorite style of worship, and who is your favorite worship artist?


  1. Psalms 150, Mk 12:30 If we are to “keep the Fire burning in our lives”, we MUST worship God with all of our heart, soul, and mind.
    1. John 14:12 Worship to God is much more than just singing songs, dancing, or playing an instrument, there are many who can do this, but are hypocrites.
      1. 1 Pet. 1:15-16 True worship to God means that as we are singing, dancing, and using our gifts, we are also living holy and righteous before God.
      2. 2 Sam. 12:13 A true heart of worship is when we sin, that we come to God, we fully repent, rather than try and cover, excuse, and hide our sins.
    2. 2 Sam. 6:14-16 God responded to David’s worship because he worshipped with all his heart, not just in song, but with his personal life as well.
  2. Gen 4:2-5 God was pleased with Ables worship, but displeased with Cains worship, because Cain had a wicked and deceptive heart before God.
    1. 1 Sam. 16:7 God sees our hearts, we can deceive people, but we can never deceive God, or lie to God, True worship is holding nothing back from God.
      1. Joshua 24:15 Worship to God is in the choices we make, choosing to do right, when we have the opportunity to do wrong, and repenting when we do wrong.
      2. Prov. 19:3 Many people get mad at God when their decision to rebel against God brings about a bad result.
    2. Jer 29:13 True worship is living a life of prayer, reading Gods word, repenting when we sin, sharing our faith, then singing, dancing, and using our gifts.


  1. Have you ever known someone who sang, danced, and played instruments to God, but they were living a secret hypocritical life?
  2. What are some of the influences, and distractions that try to pull us away from true worship, and living right before God personally? How can we avoid these?
  3. Does any one here tonight have some secret sins, temptations, or issues they want to share, and repent of, in order to have a true heart of worship before God?
  4. Can you share why having the right heart before God in worship is a MUST for us to keep the fire burning in our lives?

End: Pray for those who have things they need to repent of, in order to have a true heart of worship, then take requests.