Intro: If you could go any where in the world on a missions trip, where would you go and why?


  1. Mt 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, 1 Tim 4:12-13 The Bible tells us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, this command is for all Christians, even for youth and young adults.
    1. Rom 10:14 In order for us to keep the fire burning in our lives, we Must share the message of salvation through Christ with as many people as we can.
      1. Mt 25:14-18, 1 Cor 12:27-30 God gives each of us talents, and abilities, the purpose of our God given gifts is always to win people to Christ.
      2. Isaiah 43:1+5, Mt 10:19 To effectively evangelize, we must face our fears, and trust God to give us the right words to say.
    2. Jude 1:23 Many people loose the fire of God in their lives, and backslide when they quit caring about winning souls, and focus on their own selfish desires.
  2. The following is the Crossfire five step evangelism method:
    1. #1 Introduction: We need to introduce ourselves, and initiate a conversation.
      1. #2 Start a conversation: We should ask their names, and other questions, entering into a conversation about any topic.
      2. #3 Bring God into the conversation: We then look for ways to bring God into the conversation, and find out if they are right with God.
    2. #4 The sinners prayer (Rom 10:9, Acts 16:30) If they are open, we need to ask them if they want to accept Christ, then have them repeat the sinners prayer, the prayer is “I confess that im a sinner, I repent of my sins, Jesus I accept you as my savior, thank you for dying on the Cross for my sins and being my savior”.
      1. #5 Follow up: Get their contact information, and invite them to Church, and to Crossfire Cell Groups, be sure to follow up with them the next week.


  1. What are some of your greatest fears when you go to Evangelize and share your Faith with others?
  2. Tell of a time when you witnessed to someone, and even led someone through the sinners prayer? How did you feel afterwards? How did this impact you?
  3. Who are some people you know need to accept Christ? What is your plan to share Christ with them, invite them to Church, as well as to Crossfire Cell groups?
  4. Why is Evangelism such an important part of keeping the fire burning? How can we be sure to keep Evangelism in the center.

End: Pray for those who need to accept Christ, or rededicate their lives, pray for then take requests.