Excellence in leadership

Intro: What is something that you are really good at?


  1. 1 Tim 4:12, Eph 4:11-13 God has called every Christian to be a leader in the body of Christ in some way, leadership is not just for pastors.
    1. 1 Cor 5:20 God has called us to display Christ to the world through how we live our lives, the decisions we make, and in our actions.
      1. Heb 10:36 We as Christians first, and second as leaders are called of God to be committed, to persevere, to display excellence in our lives.
      2. Heb 5:12-14, Heb 6:1 Unfortunately many Christians have been terrible examples and have actually turned people off to Christ.
    2. Titus 2:7 There are many ways that God has called us to be examples of excellence to a lost world, this is how we lead people to Christ.
  2. James 5:12 God has called us to excellence in our commitment, we need to be people of our word, doing what we said we would do.
    1. Col 3:23 We need to give 100% to the ministry and to the work of God, many people give school, and work their best, and God gets the leftovers.
      1. Eph 5:1 God has called us to hold to his standards, not only in church, or at Cell group, but at all times, no matter who you are around.
      2. Phil 4:17 We need to be careful about what we say, how we act, what attitudes we display in front of others, God has called us to be examples.
    2. 1 Cor 11:1 God is calling everyone of us to lead this generation with an example of excellence, this is the way to have the greatest impact possible.


  1. Why do you think so many people give their friends, school, or work their best, but give God a hearted commitment? can you give examples?
  2. Why is it so important that we are an example of excellence to others in what we say, how we act, and in the attitudes we have in front of others?
  3. Can someone share a example of a time when you chose to do what was right in secret? what impact did this decision have?
  4. In what ways do you feel you are showing an example of excellence? in what areas is God calling you to improve?

End: Pray for any who want prayer for areas in their lives God is working on, and then take requests.