“Where are you at with Love” Lesson #5

“ Dating Part 2 The wait”


Intro: When you get married one day, how many children would you like to have and why?


  1. Genesis 2:18-24 God saw Adams need for a wife, and promised Adam that he would send him someone perfect for him.
    1. Gen 2:18 God promised Adam he would send him his wife, but God did not tell Adam when or how his wife would come, God wanted Adam to be patient and wait on his will.
      1. Gen 2:21 “”Deep Sleep” You don’t have to chase after your husband or wife, Adam was sleeping when God prepared Eve for him.
      2. Gen 2:22 God did not need Adams help in finding Eve, God brought Eve to Adam in his perfect timing.
    2. Phil 4:6-8 Many youth and young adults feel anxious, incomplete and empty without someone else so they chase relationships to fill this void rather than turn to God.
  2. Gen 2:19-20 “Adam named the animals” God had specific work for Adam to do in his time of waiting.
    1. Psalms 27:14 God told Adam i know you have a need for a wife, and i will send you a wife in my timing, but i want you to wait on me, and do my work as you wait.
      1. Ecc 12:1 God wants us to be completely content with him, he wants us to give our full focus on serving him while we are single rather than chasing a boyfriend or girlfriend.
      2. Matt 6:33 No person can ever fill the void that we have within, only God can give us true peace and happiness, when we seek happiness through others we will be disappointed but when we seek God first our lives and our relationships will be blessed in every way.
    2. Jeremiah 29:11-13 God has a specific person chosen for each of us, and a specific time he wants to bring this person to us, and he has a specific work he wants us to do as we wait!




  1. Why is it so important that we as youth and young adults spend our time when we are single serving God in the ministry rather that chasing relationships that are not of God?
  2. What are some of the many problems that come from dating before Gods time, and from dating someone who is not Gods will for your life?
  3. What are some of the many blessings that we receive when we wait on the perfect person God has for us, and Gods perfect timing?
  4. What are some of the ways we can use our time while we are single serving God rather than chasing a boyfriend or girlfriend?



End: Pray for all those who either are in dating relationships that aren’t of God, or those who are having a hard time waiting on Gods perfect will and timing, then take requests.