“Born to Conquer”  Lesson # 7

  “Conquering excuses“

Intro:  When you were growing up, what excuses would you give your parents for not doing your homework or chores?



  1. Romans 8:37, John 3:3-5 When we accept Christ we are born again, we are born into a life of salvation and victory found only in Jesus which allows us to conquer everything in our way.
    1. Gal 5:7-8 One of the main things the devil will use to try and hold us back from fulfilling Gods purpose and plan for our lives are excuses!
      1. Exodus 3:10-11 When God calles us to do something for him, it may not be easy and we may not even want to do it.
      2. Exodus 4:1-2, 10-12 When God called Moses, Moses was resistant to God and he gave many excuses as to why he didn’t want to do what God was calling him to do.
    2. 1 Samuel 15:22 When God calls many of us to evangelize, to give, to step out and do something for God, or to cut off wrong relationships, many times we give God our excuses rather than our obedience!
  2. Prov 3:5-6, Isaiah 55:8  God is not going to call us to do something easy, nor is he going to give us what we want or how we want it, but we need to trust and follow God rather than  give excuses!
    1. Mark 13:11 When God calls us to step out and share Christ with others and evangelize, we need to step out and do it trusting that God will meet us there.
      1. Matt 28:18-20  When God calls us to step out in our calling to start a cell group, to go on a mission trip, or to start some type of a ministry we need to be obedient!
      2. 1 Cor 15:33  We also need to be obedient when God calls us to end a dating relationship or friendship that is holding us back from Gods plan for our lives, rather then give excuses as to why its o.k. to stay in the wrong relationship.
    2. John 14:15, John 15:14 In order to fulfill Gods plan for our lives and complete the purpose that he has for us, we need to conquer every excuse and step out in obedience to everything that God directs us to do!  #Borntoconquer!



  1. What are some of the greatest excuses that youth and young adults give for not evangelizing and sharing their faith with others?
  2. Can you share a time when God directed you to step out and do something great for him and you obeyed him and saw God come through for you in a great way?
  3. What is something you know God has been calling you to do that you haven’t really wanted to do so you have given excuses rather than obey God?
  4. What excuses have been personally holding you back from obeying God and stepping out in his calling for your life? Are you ready to surrender your excuses to God right now?

End: Pray for those who want to conquer every excuse that is keeping them from stepping out and obeying God, pray for any who need to accept Christ, then take requests.