“No Fear!” Lesson #5

“ Fear of ending wrong relationships ”


Intro: Who is the person you have been friends with the longest ? How long have you been friends?


  1. Isaiah 43:1-2, Prov 3:25-26 It is not Gods will for us as Christians to be afraid, or to be controlled by fear.
    1. 2 Cor 6:14,1 Cor 15:33 The bible teaches us to be careful in our relationships, we need to only develop friendships with and only consider dating those who are on fire for God.
      1. Eph 4:26 Many youth and young adults who start off strong in God end up backsliding and falling away from God because of wrong relationships.
      2. 2 Cor 6:17 If we are in any friendships or dating relationships that are pulling us down, or causing us to sin, then we need to end those relationships!
    2. John 16:8 We need to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit when he convicts us in our relationships.
  2. James 4:4,1 Thess 2:4 There are many youth and young adults who know they are in wrong relationships, but who struggle to, or are afraid to get out of those relationships.
    1. Gal 1:10 Some youth and young adults are afraid what the other person will think, or that they will hurt the other persons feelings if they end the relationship.
      1. Prov 18:24 There are also many youth and young adults who are afraid if they end wrong relationships that they will be alone.
      2. Phil 4:19, Gen 2:18 The truth is that when we take the step of faith to end destructive relationships in our life that God will provide healthy Christian friendships and in his timing he will send the perfect person for us to marry.
    2. Phil 4:13 We need to face our fear of ending wrong relationships, trusting God will give us the strength to do whats right, and that he will provide all our needs! #Unstoppable!




  1. Why do you think it is so difficult for so many youth and young adults to end dating relationships or friendships they know are wrong?
  2. What are some of the many negative effects that wrong friendships and ungodly dating relationships can have in our lives?
  3. Can you give an example of a time when you ended a destructive wrong relationship and God gave you strong Christian relationships?
  4. Are there any relationships you are in right now that you know the Holy Spirit is leading you to get out of? What steps are you taking to get out of these wrong relationships?



End: Pray for any who need to end wrong friendships or dating relationships, pray for any who need to accept Christ, then take prayer requests.