“No Fear! Lesson #6

“ Fear of what others think ”

Intro: What is your favorite store in the world and why?





  1. Prov 3:25-26, Psalms 56:3 It is not Gods will for us as Christians to be afraid, or to be controlled by fear.
    1. Romans 1:16 There are many youth and young adults who are afraid to share their faith with others in their schools, or neighborhoods because of what people will think or say.
      1. Mark 8:38 There are also many Christian youth and young adults who know what is right but are afraid if they take a stand in front of others they may be ridiculed.
      2. 1 Cor 15:33 As we discussed in the last lesson, there are many youth who are afraid to end wrong friendships or dating relationships because of how others will respond.
    2. 1 Pet 5:8-9, John 10:10 The devil will try to intimidate us, hold us back, or stop us by trying to make us fear what others may think or say about us.
  2. James 4:4 Psalms 18:5-6 God wants us to look to him alone for approval, acceptance and validation. When we look to God we are complete, but when we look to others we are empty
      1. Luke 6:46-49 If we are constantly worrying about what others think or say about us, or our decisions then we are unstable, easily shaken, and inconsistent in our walk with God.
      2. 1 Cor 16:13 But when we learn how to look to God alone for our validation and approval then we will be solid, firm, steadfast and unstoppable!
      3. 1 Thess 2:4 Rather than looking at the worlds reactions to what we do, we need to find out from God what we are to do, do it and then ignore those who don’t like it!
    1. Phil 4:13 God is calling this generation to rise above the fear of what others think or say, to find validation in him alone, to step out and do great things, to be #Unstoppable!



  1. Why do you think so many youth and young adults worry so much about what others think or say about them?
  2. What are some of the negative results of trying to please others, and worrying to much about what everyone else thinks of your decisions?
  3. What are some of the main reasons youth and young adults are afraid to share their faith with those in their schools and neighborhoods?
  4. What is something you feel God is directing you to do, but that you have been afraid to do because of what others will think or say?



End: Pray for any who need to overcome their fear of what others think or say, pray for any who need to accept Christ, then take prayer requests.