“On Fire” Lesson #7

“ Evangelism “

Intro: if you could share Jesus with someone very famous, who would be the first person you would choose?


  1. Jer 20:9, Jer 1:5 It is Gods will that when we become Christians that we become strong in God, that we remain on-fire for God, and that we fulfill Gods call on our lives.
    1. Galatians 5:7-8 However,the devil will throw many things at us to try and pull us away from God, and from accomplishing His will here in this world.
      1. Jude 1:23 Every one of us as Christians are called to the same purpose, to win as many people to Jesus as we possibly can! We are called to reach the world!
      2. 1 Cor 12:4-6 Each one of us has been given different talents and abilities, and we are all called to use the gifts that God has given us to win others to Christ.
    2. 2 Sam 11:1-3 When we are silent about our faith, and inactive, we backslide much more easily, however when we are actively evangelizing others and serving God, we remain strong in our faith, and on-fire for God!
  2. Many Christians know that they need to evangelize, but are afraid, they feel they do not know what to say, and that they do not know how to evangelize. Below I have listed the Crossfire five step evangelism method that will help you evangelize and reach the world!
  3. #1 Introduction: You need to be bold and go up to the people you feel led to evangelize, introduce yourselves, and ask them their names.
  4. #2 Start a conversation: You should then initiate a conversation with them about any random subject.
  5. #3 Bring Jesus into the conversation: Next you should bring Jesus into the conversation, share the Gospel with them, and find out if they would rather have a better life in this world and go to Heaven for eternity by accepting Christ, or have a life of needless problems and go to Hell for eternity by rejecting Christ.
  6. #4. Salvation: The sinners prayer (Rom 10:9, 1 John 1:9, Acts 3:19) For those who say that they would like to have a better life in this world and go to Heaven for eternity by accepting Jesus, have them repeat the following sinners prayer after you: Jesus I confess that I’m a sinner, I repent of my sins, and I accept you as my Lord and Savior, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins and for being my Savior”.
  7. #5. Follow up: Then get their contact information, and invite them to church, and to your Crossfire cell groups, be sure to follow up with them. #Reachtheworld!


  1. Why is it so important that we as Christians are active in evangelism, and that we purpose to win as many people to Jesus as we possibly can?
  2. Why do you think that being silent and inactive in our faith can lead to backsliding? How does being active in evangelism and in the ministry help us remain on-fire for God?
  3. Can you share a testimony of a time when you shared Jesus with someone and then led them through the sinner”s prayer? How did that experience impact your life?
  4. Who are some people you know who need to accept Jesus? What is your plan to evangelize them and try to win them to Jesus?

End: Pray for those who want to overcome every fear and excuse and step out in evangelism and boldly reach the world. Pray for anyone who needs to accept Jesus as their Savior or rededicate their lives to Christ, then take requests.