Prayer meetings

Intro: What is the longest prayer meeting you ever attended?


  1. Acts 1:14, Matt 18:19-20 In addition to personal times of Prayer, God desires for us to have set prayer meetings with other Christians.
    1. Luke 5:16, Matt 26:40-41 Jesus had times when he pulled away from everyone for his personal time of prayer, and times when he called prayer meetings with others.
      1. Ecc 4:12 We are stronger, better protected, and more effective when we pray together with others in the Body of Christ.
      2. Heb 10:25 Standing strong in our faith is impossible when we neglect times of meeting together with other Christians in church, cell groups, and for Prayer.
    2. Heb 3:13 When we are connected in the Body of Christ with other Christians, we can encourage one another, lift each other up, and pray together through difficulties.
  2. Acts 2:1-4 When several of the disciples, church leaders and other Christians came together to pray, the Holy Spirit came in power to anoint them to preach the Gospel.
    1. James 5:16 We should meet together to pray before church services, cell groups, camps and crusades to pray for God to move! and for people to accept Christ.
      1. 2 Chron 33:12-13 While working hard in ministry preparing and setting up for events is essential, we must remember that it is because of Prayer that God moves.
      2. Eph 6:18 We also should pray together for others who are backslidden, unsaved, for any who are sick, and for those going through challenges.
    2. 1 Thess 5:17 God is calling us to stand firm in our faith, become leaders, and lead others to Christ, for us to accomplish his will we must Pray Continually!


  1. Why do you think some people in the church stop going to church, quit praying, and pull
  2. Why is Praying with other Christians also absolutely essential for us to remain strong in our faith, and accomplish Gods will for our lives?
  3. Why is it so important that we take time to pray before Church, Cell Groups, Camps and Crusades? What difference have you seen prayer make in these events?
  4. What are some of the distractions that try to keep us from setting prayer meetings with other Christians? What can we do to avoid these distractions and Pray together?

End: Pray together for anyone who has a need, then pray for people you know who are unsaved or backslidden, and pray for God to move in your Church and in Crossfire.