Praying for others

Intro: Are you someone who gets scared or exited if you have to speak in front


  1. James 5:13-16 God calls Christians to develop strong lives of prayer, this includes personal times of prayer, prayer meetings, and praying for the needs of others.
    1. 1 Tim 2:1 There are times when we should pray for others in our personal times prayer, in prayer meetings, and times we need to go and pray directly for people.
      1. 2 Tim 1:7, Ps 53:5 Many Christians are able to pray while they are alone, but are afraid to pray in public, or go up to someone else and pray for them.
      2. Mark 13:11 The way to defeat any fear of praying is to take that step of faith, and pray what God has put on your heart, God will meet you when you step out.
    2. Ecc 4:12, Heb 10:25 God never intended for us to be alone as Christians, we need the prayers of others, and we need to be willing to pray for others as well.
  2. Luke 4:40, Eph 6:18 The Holy Spirit at times will lead us to go up to people, lay hands on them, and pray that God will move on their behalf.
    1. Rom 8:26-27 We may not know exactly how to pray for others, but as we step out in prayer, God many times will show us what to pray for, and how to pray.
      1. 1 Cor 12:7-11 God may also speak to us about others, giving us divine wisdom and knowledge that will be the exact encouragement they need to hear.
      2. John 14:12-15 Jesus promised us that if we step out in faith to pray for others, that we would have even greater results than he had.
    2. Mark 16:15-18, 2 Tim 4:2 God is calling us to be ready and willing at any moment to preach the gospel to the lost, and pray for those who are in need, are you ready?


  1. Can you share a testimony of a time when you prayed for someone else and God moved
  2. Who has an example of a time when you were going through some difficulties, and someone else prayed for you? What impact did those prayers have in your life?
  3. Has anyone here ever been afraid to pray in front of other people, or go up to someone else and pray for them? How can we overcome our fear of praying for others?
  4. Does anyone here have a testimony of when an unexpected moment came for you to pray for someone and share Christ with them? what happened?

End: Pray for any who are afraid to pray for others, then have anyone who is sick, or is going through some difficulty come into the center so everyone else can pray for them.