Is Heaven and Hell real

Intro: If you could make a request to God to have one thing in heaven, what would it be?


  1. John 8:44, Gen 3:1 The devil wants nothing more than to cause people to question if everything in the bible is true, he still speaks doubt into mans ear.
    1. Tim 3:5, 2 Pet 3:3 There are many people today who have concluded that heaven and hell are fictional places, there are even some churches, and religious people who doubt the reality of a literal heaven and hell.
      1. Prov 30:5 The Bible is the perfect, the complete word of God, and every thing the bible says is the absolute truth, and isn’t to be questioned.
      2. Is 66:1, Rev 4:9-13 The bible describes heaven and hell as literal, real places actual physical locations, absolute reality, not poetry, or allegory.
    2. Rom 10:9-10 Everyone who ever lives will either go to heaven, or hell upon death, and the only determining factor is whether Christ was their savior
  2. Rev 21:2-5, Phil 3:20 Heaven is described as restoration to perfection, a sinless forever, where God, Jesus, his angels, and all the righteous exist endlessly.
    1. Luke 18:22, Rev 4:3-8 Heaven will also be a place of continual worship, as well as a place of eternal reward for all who served God faithfully on earth.
      1. Mark 9:43-48 Hell can be best described as the complete absence of God, endless unimaginable, evil, pain, torture, and affliction.
      2. 2 Peter 2:4, Luke 12:5 Despite what our Godless generation says, Hell is a literal place, made for satan, demons, and those who reject Christ.
    2. John 8:32 The true Gospel is a message of the love of Christ, but also a message of truth, where you go if you accept Christ, or if you reject him.


  1. Have you ever met someone who didn’t believe in heaven or hell? How did you respond to them?
  2. Why is it so important in this generation that we speak truth about heaven and hell when we share Christ with people? What is the danger of neglecting this?
  3. What churches have you heard of that that are beginning to question the truth of a literal heaven and hell? Why is this dangerous and wrong?
  4. What other Biblical absolutes are you seeing questioned in our generation? how should we react to this?

End: Pray for those who have been deceived into doubting Gods word, pray for any who need to accept Christ, then take requests.