Are all Religions the Same?

Intro: What is one thing you really want to do, before your life is over?


  1. 2 Cor 11:14,2 Tim 3:5 There is a very dangerous move in this generation to accept all religions as true, to question Christianity as the only way to God.
    1. 2 Thess 2:10 We must understand that this is a very dangerous lie from satan, and when people do this, they loose their salvation.
      1. 1 John 1:8, Gen 3:7 Christianity deals with the problem that we have had since the start of time, every culture, every person has dealt with, sin.
      2. Rev 1:5, 2 Tim 1:10 There are thousands of religions in the world today, but Christianity is the only one that identifies a savior, Jesus Christ for our sins.
    2. John 14:6 There is only one true way, one true understanding of who God is, one way to salvation, one savior Jesus, one way out of hell and into heaven.
  2. Acts 4:12, Mt 7:21-13 People of other religions wont be accepted by God because Christ is the only way to God, we must preach this message.
    1. Exodus 20:3, John 8:32 There cannot be several truths at once, only one belief is true, everything else is a lie, and a deception.
      1. Mk 16:15-18 We are called to evangelize those of different religions the same way were called to reach those who are on drugs, or alcohol.
      2. Eph 4:15, Mk 6:11 We must learn how to speak the truth in love, preach the truth, without endless arguments as we seek to share Christ with
    2. 2 Cor 5:20, Acts 1:8 The bottom line is that all religions are NOT the same, and we as Christians are Gods messengers, and we must reach the world.


  1. Have you ever met someone of a different religion? What religion were they? What did they believe? How did you respond?
  2. How can we show people of different religions the love of Christ, and at the same time not compromise the truth of Gods word?
  3. Why can it be hard at times to share Christ with those of a different religion? how do you feel we should approach evangelizing those of different religions?
  4. Why is it so dangerous and completely wrong for this generation to compromise, and to believe that all religions are the same?

End: Pray for those who either are involved in a different religion, or who know people who are, pray for any who need to accept Christ, then take requests.