How do you know God is real?

Intro: If you could have a two week break, what would you do and why?


  1. Ecc 1:4, 1 Cor 13:12 One of the greatest questions this generation is asking is “how do you know God is real?”
    1. Job 38:1-4 Many people struggle with this question because they feel that God owes them proof that he is real.
      1. Rom 1:20 God has given mankind overwhelming proof that he is real through creation itself, the complexity of all creation is undeniable proof.
      2. Luke 16:29-31 God has also sent prophets, preachers, and has given us the word of God, people who rejected the word also rejected Christ in person.
    2. Isaiah 55:8 Mans understanding is extremely limited, imperfect, and fallible there is no way that we could comprehend the fullness of who God is.
  2. Rom 1: 17, Heb 11:1-3 God can only give us glimpses of himself while were here on earth, the way he designed for man to live while on earth is through Faith.
    1. Mark 8:17-18, Heb 3:12 Hard hearts can’t perceive God, these people will find questions they cant understand, and try to use them as evidence against God.
      1. Rev 12:11 Our personal testimony, relationship, and experience with God is greatest proof and evidence ever of the reality of God.
      2. John 9:25 God never intended for evangelism to be us conducting debates but rather we are called to share what God has done for us to the world.
    2. Acts 9:3-7,Mk 10:49-52 One of the ways hard hearted people come to know God is real is through an encounter with God, this is needed in our generation.


  1. Have you ever met someone who asked you the question “How do you know God is real? How did you respond?
  2. Can you give examples of the overwhelming proof that God is real found all around us both in creation, and in everyday life?
  3. Can you give an example of a heard hearted person you know who had an encounter with God, which resulted in them becoming a believer in Christ?
  4. Who is one person you know who does not believe in God at all? What is your strategy to reach this person for Christ?

End: Pray for the people in question 4 who do not know Christ, then pray with any who need to accept Christ and take requests.