“Reach the World” Lesson #4

  “ Our purpose is evangelism!  “

Intro:  What is the farthest place you have ever been from home?


  1. James 1:15, Rom 6:23 In all countries, all cultures, in all parts of the world the problem of sin is the same! The Bible tells us that the consequence of sin is death.
    1. Mark 16:15 The only solution for sin and its consequences is Jesus! God is calling us to take Jesus to the world so the world can find freedom from sin and its consequences!
      1. Jude 1:23 Every one of us as Christians are called to the same purpose, to win as many people to Jesus as we possibly can! We are called to pull people from the fire!
      2. 1 Cor 12:4-6 Each one of us has been given different talents and abilities, and we are all called to use the gifts that God has given us to win as many people to Jesus as possible!
    2. 1 Timothy 4:12, Ecc 12:1 Evangelism is not just the work of pastors, God is calling us to be active in our faith in our youth! We are called to evangelize the world while we are young!
  2. Romans 10:13-15, Acts 28:31The purpose of the church is to evangelize the world! We are called to boldly share the gospel with those who are lost and dying all around us.
    1. Acts 1:8 “Jerusalem” We are called to reach the lost who are immediately around us in our schools, universities, neighborhoods, families, and in our work.
      1. Acts 1:8 “Judea” We are also called to impact our city, states, and countries with the gospel, finding ways to win as many people to Jesus as we possibly can in our own  nations, this may include areas that are very dangerous, violent, or gang controlled.
      2. Acts 1:8 “The ends of the earth” We are also called to reach the world with the gospel, God also may call us to go to other nations to evangelize and reach the lost.
    2. Isaiah 6:8 God is calling us to reach the world, we need to be willing to go where ever  God calls us to go, whenever he tells us to go, and share Jesus with whoever he leads us to evangelize,God is calling us to reach the world!


  1. Why is it so important that we as Christians make evangelism our top priority? What are some of the things that try to distract us from evangelism?
  2. What are some talents and abilities that God has given you? How can you use your gifts to win others to Christ?
  3. Can you share a testimony of a time when you shared Jesus with someone and then led them through the sinner’s prayer? How did that experience impact your life?
  4. Who are some people you know who need to accept Jesus?  What is your plan to evangelize them and try and win them to Jesus?

End: Pray for those who want to be bold in evangelism and win as many people around         them to Jesus as possible, and then take requests.