“Reach the World” Lesson #5

  “ The Crossfire five step method of evangelism!  “

Intro:  Where is one place you have never been that you really want to go to and why ?


  1. James 1:15, Rom 6:23 In all countries, all cultures, in all parts of the world the problem of sin is the same! The Bible tells us that the consequence of sin is death.
    1. Mark 16:15 The only solution for sin and its consequences is Jesus! God is calling us to take Jesus to the world so the world can find freedom from sin and its consequences!
      1. Rom 10:13-15  Many Christians know that they need to evangelize, but they are afraid, they feel they do not know what to say, and that they do not know how to evangelize.
      2. This is the reason we have developed the Crossfire five step evangelism method, the Crossfire five step evangelism method is an extremely effective way to evangelize on the streets, in neighborhoods, schools, universities, and in any public location.
  2. Below are listed the five steps of the Crossfire five step evangelism method to  reach the world!:
    1. #1 Introduction: You need to be bold and go up to the people you feel led to evangelize, introduce yourselves, and ask them their names.
    2. #2 Start a conversation: You then need to initiate a conversation with them about any random subject.
    3. #3 Bring Jesus into the conversation: You then need to bring Jesus  into the conversation, share the Gospel with them, and find out if they are right with God.
    4.  #4. Salvation: The sinners prayer (Rom 10:9, 1 John 1:9, Acts 3:19)  You should then ask them if they want to accept Christ, so they can avoid Hell and go to Heaven. If they want to accept Jesus, have them repeat the following sinners prayer after you: “Jesus I confess that I’m a sinner, I repent of my sins, and I accept you as my Lord and Savior, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins and for being my Savior”.
    5.   #5. Follow up:  Get their contact information, and then invite them to church, and to your Crossfire cell groups, be sure to follow up with them the next week #Reachtheworld! 


  1. Why do you think many Christian youth and young adults are hesitant to evangelize and tell others about Jesus?
  2. Can you share a testimony of a time when you evangelized on the streets, or in a public location and people accepted Christ? What happened?
  3. Why is it so essential that we actually offer to lead the people through the sinners prayer immediately after sharing Jesus with them when we are evangelizing?
  4. Who are some people you know who need to accept Jesus?  What is your plan to evangelize them, and invite them to your church and Crossfire cell group?

End: Pray for any who need to accept Jesus, then pray for those who want to be bold in evangelism and win as many people to Jesus as possible, then take requests.