Relationships Lesson #6

  “ Marriage “

Intro:  When you get married one day, how many children would you like to have ?


  1. Mark 16:15, Matt 6:33 In order for us to have a strong walk with God as well as be as effective as possible in reaching the world, we must put God first in all of our relationships.
    1. 1 Cor 15:33 The Bible tells us that bad company will corrupt good character, so it is extremely important that we are very careful in our relationships.
      1. Gen 2:24, Eph 5:31 The most important relationship that we will ever have in this life outside of our relationship with God is our marriage relationship.
      2. Psalms 130:5-6 It is extremely important that we wait on Gods timing, and that we wait on the perfect person that He has chosen for us, rather than grow impatient and settle for someone God does not want us to marry.
    2. Genesis 2:18-24 God saw Adams need for a wife, and promised Adam that he would send him the perfect wife for him, but Adam needed to wait on Gods timing.
  2. Prov 19:3, Ps 27:14 Many young adults become impatient, do not wait on God and they marry someone He does not want them to marry, and they end up having major problems.
    1. Genesis 2:20 Before God designed Eve for Adam, there was no good selection for Adams wife, there were only cows, monkeys, goats, and dogs.
      1. Phil 4:19 If Adam would have not waited on Gods will and timing and settled for a cow or a dog, then he would have had many problems, because a dog or cow was not Gods will for Adam!
      2. Prov 16:25 Those who don’t wait on Gods will or timing and settle for someone who is not Gods will end up with many needles problems and are like Adam settling for a dog.
    2. 1 Tim 4:12, S.S. 2:7, 3:5, 8:4 We need to be patient and wait on Gods timing and for the perfect person He has for us. We need spend our youth serving God rather than chasing boyfriends or girlfriends that are not Gods will for us, if we wait on God He will bring us the perfect husband or wife who will serve God with us, and together we can #Reachtheworld!


  1. Why can it be very hard at times for youth and young adults to wait for Gods perfect timing and for the perfect person He has for them?
  2. What are some of the many problems that come about if we get impatient, and marry someone God does not want us to marry?
  3. What are some of the many benefits of being patient and choosing to wait on Gods timing and for the perfect person He has chosen for us rather than settling for the wrong one?
  4. Does anyone here have a testimony of how God has blessed your life because you have chosen to wait on his perfect will and timing?

End: Pray for any who need to end a wrong relationship, or for anyone who is having a hard time waiting on Gods perfect will and timing, then take requests.