Dating Part 2

Intro: Share an example of when you had to wait a long time for something good?


  1. Gen 2:18-25 God promises that he, in his time will bring us the person he has chosen for us, the one who is a perfect fit.
    1. Gen 16:1-4, 11-12 Many Christians struggle trusting Gods timing, and enter into relationships in the wrong time, or with the wrong people.
      1. Psalms 27:14 We need to wait on God’s timing, consult spiritual authorities, and not try to control the outcome.
      2. Phil 4:8-9 Dating should be a process in which we pray and consider if the person is Gods will for us to marry.
    2. The following is a 4 step process of considering someone for marriage:
  2. Step 1. Consideration and confirmation stage: Once mutual feelings are realized, there should be a friendship with clear physical and emotional boundaries and standards, a time to pray, fast and listen for confirmation.
    1. Step 2. Dating: After prayer and fasting, and if you feel God saying yes, as well as multiple confirmations from spiritual authorities, you can move into the dating stage. during this time, both of you should serve God as leaders in ministry, which allows you to hear Gods will more clearly.
      1. Step 3 Engagement: Once both of you are sure that it is Gods will for you to marry, the man should propose to the woman and together with pastoral marriage counseling, and high standards still in place, you should prepare for marriage.
      2. Step 4 Marriage: Marriage is for life, and is Gods plan for two people to fulfill Gods call together.
    2. Judges 16:19-21, Matt 1:19-21 Dating is a very serious thing. Who you marry can either ruin your life, or push you towards God’s call and destiny.


  1. In the process of considering who to marry, what steps can we take to assure that we are sincerely hearing God, and not pushing our own will through?
  2. Can you give an example of someone whose life was seriously messed up because they married the wrong person?
  3. Do you have an example of someone who has spiritually grown and is fulfilling Gods call because they married the right person?
  4. Why do you personally feel it is so important to marry the person God has prepared for you?

End: Pray for any who struggle with waiting on Gods timing and right person to marry, then take requests.