Intro: What gift would you like to receive for Christmas this year


  1. 1 Cor 10:13, Rom 3:23 Every one who has ever lived has faced temptation, temptation is a continual battle in this life that we will either win or loose.
    1. Gen 3:1-5 From the beginning of time satan came and tempted man, tricking him out of Gods best, and pulling mankind into the curse of sin.
      1. 2 Samuel 13:10-15 Temptation is the desire to do what you know you should avoid, it is seduction, satan trying to get you to sin quickly acting on impulse, ignoring consequences.
      2. John 8:44, 1 Peter 5:8-9 Satan is the deceiver, the father of lies, he deceives and seduces people with temptation causing many to make bad decisions based on wrong information.
    2. Prov 7:21-27, Gen 25:29-34 Those who fall into temptation find that they were tricked,deceived, are trapped and that there are major consequences.
  2. Judges 16:1-5, 1 Kings 11:1-5 We should never think that we are above falling into temptation, or that we can “handle the situation”, when even the smartest and strongest fell into temptation.
    1. Eph 4:27, S.S. 2:15 One of the greatest ways to avoid falling into temptation is to not give satan a foothold and to expose and confront the little areas of compromise in our lives.
      1. Hosea 4:6 We don’t have to repeat the same mistakes, we can learn from others, remain humble, and use wisdom and avoid putting ourselves in carless places of temptation.
      2. Gen 39: 6-10 Joseph faced temptation, but by using wisdom, he overcame temptation avoided major problems in his live, and was able to fulfill God’s call.
    2. In this new series we want to look at some common temptations that take so many youth and young adults out, we want to talk about how to break the cycle, and overcome temptation.


  1. What are some of the greatest temptations that satan is using to deceive this generation? Why do you think so many people fall into these temptations?
  2.  Have you ever known someone who thought that they were “in control” and didn’t want to listen to warnings from spiritual authorities, and fell into temptation?
  3. Can anyone give a personal example of a temptation you fell into? What was the consequence of giving into that temptation? Have you since surrendered to God?
  4.  What better wisdom can we use in our lives to avoid putting ourselves into carless positions of temptation? What are some tempting situations God is showing you to get out of?

End: Pray for those who are currently struggling with a temptation in their lives and want to surrender to God, then take prayer requests.