Unstoppable in our Purpose Lesson # 4

” Gods will versus my will “


Intro: What is your favorite time of the year and why?




  1. Psalms 139:13-16, Gal 5:7-8 God has created everyone of us with specific gifts, talents and abilities and has a divine purpose he wants us to fulfill here on the earth.
      1. Jer 29:11-13 God has an incredible plan for each of us and when we get saved God begins the process of revealing to us the purpose he has for our lives.
      2. Prov 19:3, James 2:4-5 We each must choose if we will yield to Gods will and trust his process of preparation, or if we will resist Gods will and go our own way.
      3. Prov 16:25 Sometimes we may think we have it all figured out, we are convinced that a certain person is right for us to marry, or that we should go a certain direction in life, but God doesn’t allow it to work out because its not good for us.
    1. Prov 3:5-6 When we resist God and push for our will and do things our way, then we have many problems and struggles, but when we yield to Gods will and follow him, then we have incredible peace, joy, and we see God work everything together for our good!
  2. Heb 10:36, Isaiah 55:8 The truth is that God knows whats best for us, at times it is hard to trust God because we cant see what he is doing and don’t understand why we have to wait.
    1. 1 Peter 4:2 We each have a choice to make either we will choose to resist Gods will and go our own way, or we can choose to surrender and trust God and his will for our lives.
      1. Eph 6:18 One of the ways we can demonstrate our trust in God is by spending time in prayer and fasting, and talk to pastors and spiritual authorities before we start into dating relationships or make other major life decisions rather than making quick decisions.
      2. Psalms 143:10 We position ourselves to fulfill Gods will for our lives when we spend daily time in prayer, reading the bible, avoiding wrong influences and relationships, and by obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit when God directs us to go in a certain direction.
    2. Rom 8:28-31 As we choose to trust God and his will rather then go our own way then we will see God work everything together for our good, we will have good relationships and we will accomplish his purpose for us here on the earth! #Unstoppable!



  1. Can you share an example of a time when you went your own way in life, either in a wrong relationship or other decision that wasn’t right, what were some of the negative results?
  2. Can you share a testimony of when you yielded to Gods will for your life rather than go your own way? What were some of the positive results of choosing to follow Gods will?
  3. Why do you think it can be so hard for youth and young adults to let go of their will and trust Gods will for their lives?
  4. Are there any areas of your life right now where you need to surrender your will and trust Gods will ? If so what is it that you need to surrender to God?



End: Pray for those who have an area in their life where they need to lay down their will and trust God and his plan for them, then take requests.