Unstoppable series Lesson # 6

“ Unstoppable in dating relationships ! “


Intro: When you are married one day, how many children do you want and why?




  1. Gal 5:7, Phil 1:13 It is Gods will that when we become Christians that we grow, become strong in God, remain on-fire for God, and become unstoppable!
    1. Gal 5:8 There are many youth and young adults who start off on-fire for God, but end up backsliding and falling away from God because of wrong dating relationships.
      1. S.S. 2:7, 3:5, 8:4 God has a perfect person set aside for each of us, and a prefect timing for each one of us to get married.
      2. Gen 2:18-19 When we choose to wait on Gods timing and perfect will then we will have a great relationship and the person will help us grow closer to God and his will.
    2. Judges 14:1-3 However if we choose to become impatient and settle for someone who is not Gods will for us then we will have problems and struggles in the relationship, and the person will pull us away from God, and from his purpose for our lives.
  2. Prov 3:5-6, John 10:27 Each one of us must learn how to hear Gods voice and follow his perfect will in regards to who we will date and who we consider to marry.
      1. Matt 7:16-20 We will know which dating relationships are wrong and which relationships are right by the fruit that they are producing in our lives, and each of us should be willing to put our dating relationships to a test.
      2. 1 Cor 15:33 If the person is a non-Christian, or is lukewarm, 2 faced, and hypocritical, if the person tries to get you to lower your standards or tempt you sexually, if you are in any type of sin with this person, if your pastor or other mentors have a concern about the relationship then this is a relationship you should end.
      3. Prov 18:22 If this person is a genuine Christian, respects your standards, and does not try to push you into sexual sin, if this person is serving God in the ministry, helps you get closer to God and respects you, and if your pastor and spiritual authorities approve then this person may be someone you can pray about and consider for marriage.
    1. 2 Cor 6:17, Phil 4:19 If the relationship you are currently in is not of God, then you should be willing to take the step of faith to end the relationship, trusting that God will send you the perfect person in his perfect timing! #Unstoppable!



  1. Why do you think many youth and young adults struggle to wait on Gods will and timing, grow impatient and settle for dating someone who is not Gods will for them to be with?
  2. What are some of the many negative consequences that wrong dating relationships can have in our personal lives?
  3. What are some of the many positive results that come about in our lives if we choose to wait on Gods timing and perfect will in regards to who we choose to date and marry?
  4. Are you currently in a dating relationship that you know is not right? Are you ready to take the step of faith and end the relationship? If not what is holding you back?


End: Pray for those who need to end any wrong dating relationships that they are in, then pray for any who need to accept Christ or rededicate their lives to Christ, then take requests.