Unstoppable series Lesson # 8

“ An unstoppable life ! “


Intro: What is your favorite time of the year and why?



  1. Gal 5:7-8, Phil 1:13 It is Gods will that when we become Christians that we grow, become strong in God, remain on-fire for God, and become unstoppable!
    1. 1 Peter 5:8-9 As we discussed in this series the devil will throw everything he can at us to intimidate us, silence us, and stop us from serving God!
      1. 1 Cor 10:12-13 The devil will place temptations, sin, bad relationships, wrong influences in our path to try and pull us away from serving God.
      2. Heb 12:11-12 However God will provide us with the strength and grace to resist the temptations and attacks of the devil if we choose to keep our eyes on him.
    2. James 4:7, Jer 3:22 We can break the cycle of backsliding in our lives once and for all when we make the decision to follow God with all of our hearts!!!
  2. Eph 6:12-18, Ps 144:1 The Bible tells us that our battle is a spiritual battle and that we must learn to stand our ground and fight against the attacks of the devil.
    1. 1 Thess 5:17, Eph 6:18-19 We must be faithful in prayer every day in order to have the strength to resist all that will come against us.
      1. 2 Tim 3:16, Matt 4:4 We need to read the bible daily, and memorize scripture so we can have the discernment and wisdom to see what we should avoid.
      2. 1 Tim 4:12 We need to remain active serving God, sharing Christ with others, using our gifts to glorify God and becoming the leaders God has called us to be!
    2. 1 John 4:4, Jer 20:9 We are not supposed to simply be on fire for God at camps, events, at church or in cell groups only to fall away when we go out into the world, God is calling us to remain strong in God, on-fire, and live unstoppable lives! #Unstoppable!



  1. What are some of the many things the devil will throw at us and put in our way to try and pull us away from God?
  2. Why do you feel so many youth and young adults are stuck in a cycle of being on God for a while only to backslide and fall away from God?
  3. What are some of the ways God has given us to fight this spiritual battle, overcome all the devil throws at us and become unstoppable once and for all?
  4. What is it you feel God is calling you to do personally right now in your life to help break the cycle of backsliding, to remain on-fire for God and to become unstoppable?


End: Pray for those who want the cycle of back-sliding to break off of their lives once and for all, pray for any who need to accept Christ or rededicate their lives to Christ, then take requests.