“Victorious!” Lesson #3

  “ Empowered to be Victorious!  “

Intro:  If you could be on any television show, what show would you like to be on and why?


  1. 1 Cor 15:57, Psalms 108:13  God desires for everyone of us to be victorious in all areas of our lives and in the purpose that he has for us here in this world.
    1. Joshua 1:5 One of the reasons many youth and young adults struggle to find victory in their lives is because they feel they are alone and that the battle is to difficult for them.
      1. Romans 8:1-2 Many youth struggle with guilt or shame, they feel guilty about what they  have done and to ashamed to admit the sin that they are struggling with.
      2. Isaiah 1:18 Others feel that maybe God will not forgive them for what they have done and they feel disqualified or unable to become the leaders God wants them to be.
    2. Psalms 103:12 The truth is that there is no sin so great that God won’t forgive it, and there is no struggle so big that God cannot give you victory over it !!!
  2. Deut 31:6, Heb 13:6   God has promised us that we are not alone! When we choose to surrender to God and follow God will all of our hearts then the Holy Spirit will empower us, strengthen our hands, and we will be victorious!!!
    1. Acts 1:8 The Holy Spirit will not only anoint us to evangelize to the world, the Holy Spirit will first give us victory in our personal lives so that we can evangelize to the world!
      1. Matt 19:26  At times the Holy Spirit will anoint us to do some great ministry for God, however at times the Holy Spirit will anoint us simply to be victorious in our personal lives
      2. Zech 4:6, Eph 2:9 We must understand that only through God can we be victorious in every area of our lives! We must guard against pride thinking that we can put ourselves in sinful situations and resist temptation in our own strength.
    2. Acts 4:31 God wants to empower us through the Holy Spirit to be victorious in every area of our lives! If we want to be victorious then we must completely surrender to God, be filled with the Holy Spirt, follow him, and let him work in our lives! #Victorious!


  1. Why do you feel many youth and young adults tend to feel alone at times and that the battle is to difficult for them?
  2. Can you share an example of a time when the Holy Spirit brought about a great victory in your life?
  3. In what ways is the Holy Spirit currently working in your life, changing you, and preparing you for the call that God has for you?
  4. Is there an area you are currently struggling with in you life that you need to surrender to God and ask the Holy Spirit to give you victory? If so what area do you need to give to God?


End: Pray for those who want to become victorious in their personal lives, also pray for those who need to accept Jesus or rededicate their lives, then take requests.