Intro: Who is the first person you would like to talk to in heaven?


  1. 1 Thess 5:23-24, Ecc9:12 The Bible is clear that this life isn’t all that there is, that we are eternal beings we are spirit, soul, and body, and our soul and body never dies.
    1. Luke 16:22-31 After this life is over we face the reality of eternity, and everyone of us will either progress to either heaven or hell.
      1. Romans 10:9-10 The only determining factor on where we go after our lives are over is whether or not we knew Jesus Christ as our savior.
      2. Matthew 7:21-23 Many think they’re going to heaven, but some aren’t living right and others think they can get to heaven through false religions.
    2. Heb 12:23, John 14:6 Despite what many today say, there are not many ways or religions that lead to heaven, there is only one way, that is through Christ.
  2. Gal 5:1, Josh24:15 God is love, and love will always allow free will and choice, we are free to choose Christ and go to heaven, and we are free to reject Christ, and go to hell.
    1. Rev 21:2-5, Phil 3:20 For those who choose Christ, heaven is restoration to perfection, eternity without sin and we will forever be in Gods presence.
      1. John 14:12, Rev 4:3-8 The bible gives us a glimpse of heaven, as continuous worship, streets of gold, mansions, and eternity without pain or sickness.
      2. Phil 3:13-14 Our purpose on earth as Christians isn’t to relax, and wait around for heaven, but rather to take as many people as possible with us.
    2. 1 Cor 13:12, Matt 6:20 God wants us to be busy about his work, we need to stay focused on what really matters, winning souls to Christ around the world.


  1. Why is it imperative that we as Christians make it clear that there is a literal heaven and hell, and there are not many ways to heaven, but that Christ is the only way?
  2. For those of us who are Christians, what is the first thing you want to do when you get to heaven?
  3. What are some of the other descriptions of heaven that are in the bible that you feel are important to share?
  4. What is your strategy to win as many people as possible to Christ around the world, and take as many as we can to heaven with us?

End: Pray for any who have never known Christ, for any who have fallen away from Christ, or who have requests.