Intro: Would you rather go on a 30 hour airplane rice, car ride, boat ride or bike ride?


  1. Mt 5:28, Prov 23:7(kjv) The Bible describes lust as an act that first takes place in the mind, and at this point it is sin.
    1. 1 Pet 4:3, Lev 11:45 The Bible clearly describes lust, premarital sex, and perversion as sin, God is Holy and wants his people to be holy.
      1. Rom 1:27, Lev 18:22-23 The Bible also states that homosexuality is wrong, it is a sin, people aren’t born that way, and it is not acceptable in Gods eyes.
      2. Prov 4:27 One of the greatest dangers in our generation is acceptance of perversion as part of our modern culture, the rejection of right and wrong.
    2. Ecc 1:9, Heb 4:12 We must remember that Sin is just the same now as 2000 years ago, and that only the word of God defines right and wrong.
  2. 1 John 3:8, 2 Chron 7:14 The good news of the gospel is that when people admit that perversion is wrong, and repent, that God can save, deliver, and heal them.
    1. Mt 10:34 We are called to bring a message of Truth and love, truth on what is right and wrong, and the love of God can heal you and set you free.
      1. Rom 6:23, 10:9-10 Deliverance from perversion starts with admitting its wrong, and repenting from it, not trying to justify it.
      2. Gen 39:12, James 5:16 To remain free we must run from all opportunities, embarrass the sin, and develop accountability with trusted mentors.
    2. Ecc 12:1, 1 Tim 4:12 God loves this generation, and wants people to be free from the strongholds of sexual perversion, it is time for us to rise up.


  1. What are some of the dangers of throwing away the biblical standard of what is right and wrong in regards to perversion?
  2. Why do you think our generation has become so loose, and accepting of sexual perversion? How do you react to those who believe that way?
  3. How can we as Christians show the love of God to people as we stand on the truth of Gods word in regards to perversion?
  4. Has anyone here ever struggled with perversion of any kind? How are you doing currently with the situation?

End: Pray for any here who are struggling with perversion or lust, then have a time to pray for prayer requests.