The End Times

Intro: What is one thing that you really want to do before your life is over


  1. 2 Pet 3:13, John 3:16 The word of God indicates that God has a plan to restore mankind to him forever, to reunite Godly men with him in heaven.
    1. Mt 24:4-8, Mt 16:3 The Bible says that there will be signs that will indicate that the end is near, indicators that God is about to send Jesus back to earth.
      1. Mk 13:32, Mt 25:14-21 Although there will be signs, God wont give the exact time, because he wants us to be busy about his work, rather than waiting around
      2. Mt 24:9-13, 2 Tim 3:1 One of the sure signs that the end is near, will be increased persecution of Christians, pastors and ministries all around the world.
    2. Mt 24:14 The Bible says that the Gospel will be preached to all people groups on earth before the rapture, and before the end times.
  2. Rom 8:38, 1 Cor 15:51-53 Christ will return a second time, to call the righteous from the earth, this event is referred to as the Rapture, The tribulation will follow.
    1. Rev 13:3, Mt 24:23-25 Those who do not know Christ will be left on earth for the tribulation, this is when the antichrist will appear, and deceive many.
      1. Rev 13:16-18 This is also the time when nations will unite, people will deny God, and governments will force people to take the mark of the beast.
      2. Rev 11:3-6, Rev 20:4 There will be those who come to Christ during the tribulation, and they will be Gods remnant on earth, messengers of truth.
    2. Rev 19:20, 20:10, Rev 21:1-5 The end times will culminate in final destruction of satan, demons, and hell, eternity in heaven, new earth, and unity with God forever.


  1. Do you feel that there are signs today that the end times are near? If so what do you feel some of the signs in our world today are?
  2. If we are close to the end times, how do you think God wants us to live? As Christians and as Leaders, what should our main focus be?
  3. Why do you think God chose to not give the exact date that Jesus will return, and when the rapture will happen?
  4. Do you feel that Christians around the world today are facing more persecution today than ever before? If so give examples.

End: Pray for any who have faces persecution for their faith, pray for any who aren’t right with God, then take requests.