“What the Bible says” Lesson #1

“ The Bible ”

Intro: What is your favorite book in the Bible and why?


  1. Mark 16:15, Psalms 119:105 In order for us to reach the world, we must preach the truth of God’s Word to the world so the world can find freedom and salvation in Christ.
    1. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 The Bible is the perfect Word of God given to all of humanity, to all cultures, for all time, to all people in every part of the world.
      1. Psalms 119:105 The Bible is our guide in this world, and holds the answers for every problem and situation that we will ever face in this life
      2. John 14:6, 1 John 2:2 The Bible also directs us to the only solution for the world’s greatest problem which is sin and its consequences. Jesus was the answer for sin thousands of years ago, and Jesus is still the answer for sin today.
    2. Psalms 119:130, Mathew 15:14 The Bible is also our standard on what is right and wrong, and it shows us how we should live in this world. Right and wrong must be determined by what the Bible says, not by the spiritually blind leaders in our world today.
  2. Mathew 4:4, Mathew 7:24  In order for us to survive spiritually, we need the Word of God. In the same way that we need to eat food daily to physically survive and be healthy, we need to read and study the Bible daily in order to spiritually survive and be healthy.
    1. Proverbs 3:1-2  In the Bible we find truth, we find freedom, we find guidance, and we find the strength to resist and overcome the temptations of the world.
      1. Psalm 119:11-13 The Bible is God’s instruction manual for mankind, if we obey Gods Word, we will avoid needless problems, have a better life in this world and go to heaven, if we disobey God’s word, we will have many struggles in this world and then we will go to Hell.
      2. James 1:22, John 14:15 In order for us to avoid the needles problems of sin, and discover our purpose, fulfil God’s plan for our lives, and spend eternity in heaven, we must do more than simply read and listen to God’s Word, we must obey it.
    2. 2 Timothy 4:2, John 8:32 It is essential that we read the Word of God, that we study the Word of God, that we obey the Word of God, and that we preach the Word of God to the world, so the world can find freedom and salvation through Christ! We are called to #Reachtheworld.                                           


1.How often do you personally read the Bible? When do you usually read the Bible and for how long do you read it?

2.What are some of the greatest excuses and reasons youth and young adults give for not daily reading the Bible?

3.Why is it absolutely essential for us as Christians to daily read the Bible and pray in order to stay strong in our faith and be able to fulfil the purpose God has for us here in this world?

4.Why is it so important that we do more than just read or listen to the Word of God, but that we actually obey the Bible and do what it says?

End: Pray for any who need to accept Jesus as their Savior, or who need to rededicate their lives to Christ, then take requests.