“What the Bible says” Lesson #4

“ God, Heaven, and Hell ”

Intro: What is your favorite fun activity to do when you go to the beach?


  1. Mark 16:15, Psalms 119:105 In order for us to reach the world, we must correctly understand what the word of God says, so that we can preach the truth of God’s Word to the world.
    1. Mathew 15:14 Many people today, including many teachers in schools and universities, doubt the existence of God, and teach that Heaven and Hell are not real, and that there is no eternal consequence for evil behavior.
      1. Psalms 14:1, 2 Cor 4:4 Satan is a liar, and has blinded most people with sin, and has deceived many into doubting that God exists, and doubting that Heaven and Hell are real.
      2. Romans 1:20, Psalms 19:1 The proof of the reality of God is all around us, the complexity and beauty of the created world is undeniable proof of the existence of God the creator.
    2. Genesis 1:27, John 3:17 The Bible confirms that we were created by a perfect, loving God that sent His son into the world to die on the cross for our sins.
  2. John 14:2-3, Revelations 20:15 Heaven and Hell are real, literal, actual locations that all people will live in for all of eternity.
    1. Mathew 25:46, Daniel 12:2 The Bible tells us that if we accept Jesus as our Savior, we will have a better life here in this world and we will go to Heaven for eternity, however if we do not accept Jesus as our Savior we will have needless problems in this world and go to Hell for eternity.
      1. John 14:6, 2 John 2:2 The only way to avoid the punishment of an eternity in Hell, and go to Heaven is by repenting of our sins and accepting Jesus as our Savior.
      2. Romans 5:8, 1 John 1:9 God demonstrated His immense love for mankind by sending His Son to die on the cross to pay the price for our sins, however, in order for this salvation to be activated, we must repent of our sins and accept Jesus as our Savior, there is no other way!
    2. 2 Cor 5:20 It is essential that we as Christians share the reality of God, Heaven, and Hell with the world, so the world can understand the real consequences of their sin and the absolute urgency and necessity to accept Jesus as their Savior. Our purpose is to #Reachtheworld!


  1. Have you ever met someone who did not believe in God? What reasons did they give for not believing in God?
  2. What are some of the many dangers of not believing in God, or believing that Heaven and Hell are not real?  How should we as Christians respond to those who are deceived in this way?
  3. Why is it so important that we as Christians stand up for the truth when we hear teachers or others around us saying that there is no God, or that Heaven and Hell are not real?
  4. Do you know someone who does not believe in God? What is your plan to reach out to them and share the Gospel with them?

End: Pray for any who want to accept Jesus as their Savior, avoid an eternity in Hell, and go to Heaven, lead them through the sinner’s prayer, then take requests.What