“Where are you at with Love” Lesson #6

“ Dating Part 3 Finding the right one ”


Intro: Would you personally prefer a small wedding or large wedding and why ?




  1. Genesis 2:18-24 God saw Adams need for a wife, and promised Adam that he would send him someone perfect for him.
    1. Gen 2:18 God promised Adam he would send him his wife, but God did not tell Adam when or how his wife would come, God wanted Adam to be patient and wait on his will.
      1. S.S. 2:7, 3:5, 8:4 These verses indicate to us that God has a specific time for love for each one of us and that we are to wait on Gods will and his perfect timing for love.
      2. 1 Cor 15:33 There are many youth and young adults who start off on fire for God but backslide because they don’t wait on God and enter into wrong dating relationships.
    2. Hosea 4:6 Many youth and young adults make mistakes in relationships because they do not have a strategy or plan on how to know if someone is Gods will for their lives.
  2. Eph 4:26, Gen 2:20 Here is a simple four step test we can use as we consider if someone is potential to consider for a husband or wife, or if we are like Adam settling for a goat or dog.
    1. Is the person strong in their walk with God? Do they pray and read the bible every day? are they in sin? Are they a real Christian even when they are away from church?
      1. Do you feel the peace of God in Prayer?: Do you feel the peace of God about this person as you pray and fast, and when you are worshipping God
      2. Spiritual Authority: A major mistake youth and young adults make, is they start relationships then present the person to their spiritual authority, this is wrong, you need to come to your authority before you start a relationship to see if they are in agreement.
    2. Serving in the ministry: Is this person active in the ministry serving God, and were they serving God actively in the ministry before they expressed they had feelings for you?


  1. Why do so many youth and young adults try to justify wrong relationships with people who are not Gods will for their lives?
  2. Why is it extremely important that we come to our spiritual authority before we start a dating relationship to see if they are in agreement and to receive their blessing first?
  3. Who is someone you know who is married who you look up to who have a real strong Godly relationship? What is it that you respect about their marriage?
  4. Why is it so important for us to be patient and wait on Gods perfect will and Gods perfect timing for love?


End: Pray for any who are having a hard time waiting on Gods perfect will and timing, pray for those who want Gods best in their relationships, then take requests.