Where is your fire? Lesson #7

“ Leadership ”


Intro: Who is a leader you respect greatly? What is it about them you respect?


  1. Eph 4:11-12,Ecc 12:1 In order for us to remain on fire for God, we must be active in the ministry, serving in the church becoming the leaders God has called us to be!
    1. Jer 3:22 One of the quickest ways for us to backslide and fall away from God is to remain quiet in our faith, reach out to no one, and do nothing in the church.
      1. 1 Tim 4:2 Leadership is not just for older people, God has called us to become active developing our leadership in our youth!
      2. Jonah 1:1-4 If we choose to run away from Gods call and plan for our lives and go and do our own thing we will have many unneeded problems and struggles.
    2. Matt 6:33, Jer 29:11-13 However if we choose to surrender our will to God and follow the plan he has for us we will be blessed in every way!
  2. James 2:26, Matt 10:7-8 We need to be active spending our time serving God sharing Christ with others, leading cell groups, worship, and helping in every way possible in the church.
    1. Matt 20:26-28 We need to have the attitude of a servant being willing to do whatever is needed and is asked of us.
      1. Zech 4:10 When we are excellent in the small things God will promote us to greater positions of leadership where we will have grater influence.
      2. 1 Peter 4:10 As we serve God in leadership we will begin to discover our personal gifts, callings and the unique purpose God has for us in this world.
    2. Ecc 12:1, Gen 3:9 God wants us stand up as leaders and impact this dark world around us with the light of Christ we have within us! Where are you??




  1. What are some of the greatest excuses youth and young adults give as to why they are not active serving God in the ministry?
  2. Why is it essential for us to remain on fire for God that we are active in our faith serving God in the ministry developing our leadership?
  3. What are some of the problems that come about in our lives when we chose to be lazy, do nothing for God, and remain silent about our faith?
  4. What do you feel the call of God on your life is personally? What are you doing right now to develop the gifts God has given you to fulfill the call of God on your life?



End: Pray for any who need to accept Christ or recommit their lives to Christ, Pray for any who need to overcome excuses and develop the call of God on their lives , then take requests.