Where is your fire? Lesson #8

“ Keep the fire Burning! ”


Intro: What is your favorite holiday of the year and why?




  1. Gen 3:8-12,Deut 8:11-12 It is Gods will that we remain on fire throughout our lives! It is not Gods will for us to backslide, fall into sin, and fall away from God!
    1. John 3:19-21 Because of the fall of man, the world we live in today is dark, sinful, and dangerous.
      1. 2 Cor 4:4 We are surrounded by people who are confused, blind, and lost because satan has blinded their minds with sin.
      2. John 8:12, John 8:32 God is the light of the world, when we come close to God he will show us the truth and convict us of what is right and wrong.
    2. Deut 30:19 When we accept Christ we find forgiveness, love, peace, and purpose in this world and we are set free from sin, guilt, depression, pain and an eternity in hell.
  2. Matt 5:14, 2 Cor 5:20 When we accept Christ we become carriers of the light of God, and God wants us to invade this dark world with the light of Christ that we have within us!
    1. Matt 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18 It is not Gods will for all of the Christians (Lights in this world) to remain comfortable in the 4 walls of the church with other Christians (Lights) while the unsaved people (The blind) around us are dying and going to hell!!!
      1. Leviticus 6:12-13 In order to remain on fire for God we must add times of Prayer and reading the bible,and we need to burn the fat of of wrong relationships and bad influences.
      2. 1 Tim 4:2 We also need to rearrange our schedules putting God in first place, choosing to serve in the church, lead cell groups, preach, and share Christ with others!
    2. Jude 1:23, Acts 1:8 We need to overcome all of our fear and excuses and be willing to leave our comfort zone and go out onto the streets, in our schools, and to the ends of the earth invading this dark world with the light and fire of God within us! What will you choose???



  1. Can you give an example of how satan has blinded the minds of people in this generation with sin?
  2. Can you share some of the problems that came about in your life when you were distant from God? and some of the good that has come about since you have surrendered to God?
  3. Why do you think so many Christians struggle to leave their comfort zones and go out into the world to evangelize and minister to others?
  4. In what ways do you feel that God is calling you to invade the dark world around you with the light of God within you?



End: Pray for any who need to accept Christ or recommit their lives to Christ, Pray for any who need to overcome excuses and develop the call of God on their lives , then take requests.